Accounting & Payroll Client Resources

Accounting & Bookkeeping Resources:

Bookkeeping resources needing to be completed each month

Bookkeeping Monthly Client Questions (Electronic Form – no need to print, just complete online and it automatically will get to us)

Payroll Resources:

For all new employees, we need to be completed #1, #3, #4, #5 and #6 if applicable

  1. Employee Payroll Onboard – Simple – no benefits
  2. Payroll change form (3)  Form needed for making payroll changes to existing employees
  3. IRS W4 2021 For setting or changing exemptions for federal withholding
  4. Missouri W-4 Form for setting or changing employee state withholdings
  5. i-9-paper-version required when hiring a new employee
  6. Authorization for direct deposit employees for payroll – when adding an employee to direct deposit or changing their existing account
  7. Less than 2 min video walkthrough of the Employee Payroll Portal
  8. Employee Consent to receive W-2s through their payroll portal


TAX Resources:

Client Request to Send Tax Returns and Other Info to Third Party eg Lender