Business Owners: How are you addressing the coronavirus?

Restaurants closing!
San Francisco on 21-day shelter in place!
Schools closed!
Businesses have started laying off people!
UCLA Anderson Forecast stated yesterday the US is now in a recession
All of the above happened yesterday March 16, 2020!!!!!
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Hey, I get it, it is a scary time right now.  I don’t remember ever in my life having to deal with the events this country is finding itself in at the moment.  BUT, this the time to keep a level head and intentionally plan for not only surviving but coming out stronger.  History continues to show us that some businesses just get too afraid and they pass away, but others take intentional, pro-active actions not only have a better chance of success, they actually come out of it stronger.
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Your business and your family will thank you.
Entrepreneur magazine said today, “This global pandemic will shape businesses for decades to come.”
 What shape will your’s be in?
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