Ted Smith CPA Presents

Business Owners:  How to Benefit from the New Tax Law!

Some of the Topics Covered

New 20% pass-through deduction – How to save lots of tax dollars and what to do if you are one of the groups that don’t get the deduction

How new depreciation rules benefit your rental real estate and business owned property

How you can continue to deduct employee parties even though business entertainment is no longer deductible

How to hire your children and save thousands

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Congress just gave us the biggest tax law change in over 30 years.  As always there are winners and losers, but as a business owner you are one of the winners.  How are you to take advantage of all the benefits as the big companies and the rich do with their armies of tax attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors?  Well, now you can! We’ve been scouring the new law and have found some amazing ideas that will help you get the savings your deserve. Unfortunately, Forbes & others research demonstrates that most of you overpay on your taxes. (Forbes Article) That stops now when you register and attend our business owners tax seminar

June 16, 2018 9:30 am to noon.  5240 N Towne Centre Drive, Ste 102A, Ozark

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All Proceeds benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


Topics Being Discussed

Why Vehicles in the new law just became more valuable as tax deductions

Why you may not want to use the standard mileage rate ever again

How to use 529 plans for more than just college expenses

Why cost segregation studies should be something you should do

Bye, Bye Domestic Production Deduction

No more business deductions for charity golf tournaments

How to write off more of your rental or company-owned real estate

Bye-Bye business entertainment

Potentially bye-bye business meals – lots of moving information on this one and the absolutely most current will be presented at the seminar

How to have your medical expenses deducted

The proper way for your S-corporation to reimburse business expenses and your home office – could save you thousands more then you are currently deducting

Overview of changes to personal deductions

What you need to know before you trade in your business vehicle, so you don’t get surprised at tax time

and many more tax topics impacting business owners