Ted Smith CPA Presents:  FREE Tax Advice Clinics

 Would you like to receive free tax advice on how to save money in your small business and keep Uncle Sam off your back at the same time?  Are you looking to take advantage of little-known (LEGAL) year-round tax planning strategies which position your business’ cash flow better?

If so, consider taking advantage of our free service for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals.

 As a public service to the Ozarks business community, Ted Smith CPA LLC offers a “Free Tax Advice Clinic” for qualified business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals on a limited basis. 

The clinics are being hosted as webinars and will discuss the topics below.  The format will be 20 minutes of discussion and 10 minutes available to answer questions.  We understand business owners are very busy and their time is valuable, so we have strategically designed the clinics to quickly hit the points needed without the fluff.  Additional worksheet information in greater detail will be provided to attendees to enhance their learning.

    • Register Tuesday, Feb 12th 4:30 pm  How the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act impacts small business owners
    • Register Thursday, Feb 14th 12:30 pm What you need to know to maximize the 20% pass-through deduction?
    • Register Tuesday, Feb 19th 4:30 pm I keep hearing under the new tax law, I should convert my business to a C corp.  Should I?
    • Register Thursday, Feb 21st 12:30 pm Why you may want to consider a Trust in your business
    • Register Tuesday, Feb 26th 4:30 pm How a cost segregation study can maximize your rental real estate tax deductions  
    • Register Thursday, Feb 28th 12:30 pm Register Open floor Q & A
    • Register Tuesday, March 5th 4:30 pm Register Can I still hire my spouse and be able to deduct all my medical expenses under the new law?
    • Register Thursday, March 7th 12:30 pm Register How a simple debit card can automatically account for all your business expense accounting quickly and easily while protecting you if audited
  • Register Tuesday, March 12th 4:30 pm Register Under the new tax law can I still deduct some of my business entertainment?