How to Increase your profits, Reduce your tax bill, Make better decisions and Lower your stress by understanding your financials

With a solid understanding of the financial statements, you will know, and more importantly, understand on how to take action in your business. Knowing what the numbers represent and what they are telling you, allows you, as a business owner, to succeed on purpose instead of well………

At this seminar you’ll learn:

  • How to quickly understand the story your financials are telling you
  • Why looking at the financials differently then most – will actually propel your business forward and give you more money in your pocket
  • What activities are crucial to track in your business to keep the lights on
  • Learn the seven Financial Success Puzzle Pieces and how they fit together
  • How to ensure your “Profit” comes first before your expenses
  • The three things absolutely needed for your financials to support you in case of IRS audit

September 28, 2017 – Infocus Office Suites – The Back Room  11 am to 1:00 pm

Lunch and manual included.     To REGISTER CLICK HERE

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Bonuses for attending the seminar:  Three little known tax strategies you can start using today that could save you thousands each year in taxes – step by step instructions…….and FREE how to back into the numbers you need worksheet

Business owners that are quickly able to understand the story being told by their financials will be in a position to make better decisions and to answer the following and more- are prices too low, do I have too many staff, is my expenses in line with my peers.  Additionally, they will be able to sleep better at night knowing their financials help support their tax return in case of an IRS audit, that when the bank needs to see the financials they instill confidence and that if something happened to the owner, someone will be able to step in and keep the business running.