Litigation Support

Why Choose Ted Smith, CPA For Your Litigation Support Needs?

Not just any accountant is qualified to perform litigation support services. The accountant must have a detailed knowledge of the principles enunciated in this particular area of practice. For that reason, it would be a huge mistake to select an accountant who does not comprehend the legal principles and the related financial issues.

An Accountant should have the following qualities:

  • Competence in the specialty area
  • Tenacity
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional attitude and appearance
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

An  Accountant must also possess the real life ability to:

  • Assess the case with a creative mindset outside of the bounds of financial skills accounting, finance, and tax. I was nicknamed “not your   ordinary bean-counter: because of my method of looking at complex issues in the entirety and being able to simply explain them
  • Investigate and assess the financial merits as well as the integrity of the financial aspects of the case.
  • My reports are well written and in logical order to make my opinion easy to understand and follow.  I write my reports as though we were  having a conversation.

Referring attorneys know that Ted Smith offers all of these attributes

Why Attorneys Choose Ted Smith, CPA

  • You can have confidence in my ability as an expert witness. I have worked cases in Christian, Greene & Miller County MO, Cherokee County, OK and Federal Court.
  • I’ll return calls within 24 hours. The only exception is the rare occurrence a multi-day trial captures all of my time. Then, I’ll have staff inform the referring attorney of this and get back to him/her in my first free moment.
  • I keep referring attorneys informed. I send a copy of each client’s billing statement to the referring attorneys and I am quick to respond to their calls and emails.
  • I don’t miss  deadlines, unless delayed by something out of my control (i.e., waiting for documents to be obtained through discovery). Even in these situations, I communicate with the attorney well in advance so as to not leave him or her in suspense.
  • I am sensitive to my client’s need to minimize fees. My hourly rate is reasonable compared to the larger accounting firms.
  • In addition to having achieved the status of CPA, I have completed coursework and passed the exam in Business Valuation offered by NACVA, making myself an asset to attorneys and their clients.
  • I have completed 40 hours of civil and family mediation training presented by Missouri State University Center for Dispute Resolution and Washington University School of Law.

When to Retain the Services of Ted Smith, CPA

  • When unreported or underreported income is an issue
  • When one or both of the spouses is self-employed
  • When one of the spouses has separate property claims
  • When temporary and permanent spousal and child support are an issue
  • When a determination of marital lifestyle is required
  • When accounting for reimbursements, tracing, allocation, apportionment and   characterization of assets is needed
  • When a valuation of a business interest is required
  • When determination of business, executive or professional goodwill is needed
  • When there has been a commingling of funds
  • When the case involves business damages
  • When the case needs analysis of accounting issues in complex litigation
  • When concerned about lost profits
  • When there is a concern of fraud
  •  When you want assistance in determining the merits of taking a case