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We Can Handle Your Tax Resolution Problem No Matter Where You Live!

Do you have IRS problems?  Un-filed returns, garnishments, levies.  Are you having trouble sleeping at night due to it?  We know it can be very scary to receive a letter from the IRS or state tax authority – or even worse, to have an IRS revenue officer show up at your business or home.  BUT, the good news, we know how to work with them and you to solve the tax issue and your tax resolution needs!  

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Paycheck been garnished, have IRS tax liens on your house, bank account been levied?

Click HERE now for a FREE , No obligation Appointment  – if Owing More Than $15,000


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Here at Ted Smith CPA LLC our mission has always been to serve people with expertise, while going beyond that we also aspire to help our clients succeed in business and personally. One of the many ways we hope to achieve that is by lifting the burden that comes with tax issues from the Internal Revenue Service and/or state. We are more than equipped to take your case, review, and resolve it with you paying the lowest amount legally allowed as expeditiously as possible. Not only reducing that check to the minimum allowed, but most importantly giving you peace of mind as we will completely handle everything.  You won’t have to talk to the IRS once we are hired by you! 

The team at Ted Smith CPA LLC is very capable and experience in tax resolution. Ted is a certified public accountant meaning he knows the ends and outs of the tax code, something that might be quite alarming to try to take on yourself. With that connection as a CPA as well as the practice in tax resolution, Ted works hard to maintain a professional relationship with the IRS Revenue Officers. This makes negotiations, connections, and resolution a much smoother process. Speaking of connections he is also a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers.

I have come across many people who have tried to handle their IRS situation themselves (or with their current CPA or person who prepared their taxes) but didn’t receive the relief they were seeking. The professionals on our staff know the “ins and outs” of the tax system and can negotiate a personalized solution for you.

Also check out our Tax Resolution Information Downloadable page and our Flow-sheet for some materials. Alongside them are some strategics which will be a part of handling your case in innovative ways to help you reap the most benefits.

We Help Solve the Problem Once and For All – So you can rest easy at night!

Once again our goal is not just simple servicing. Instead we wish to be partners and help you or your business in ways others cannot. This means that we are not just going to help solve your tax problems, but help you understand why they were there in the first place and what to do to stop it from happening again in the future. Ted’s CFO past gives him a unique perspective for business clients on finding and eliminating that underlying cause. For individuals as well, our team’s creativity will open up a big picture point of view. This will all result in being better going forward, to make sure something as hindering as this does not happen again. It is one thing to try and balance an equation and another to find an answer. At Ted Smith CPA we will give you personal and professional aid that is not just for your tax issue, but for you.

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