Tax Appointment Checklist – What to Bring

Use the list below as a reference for collecting your tax information.

Depending upon your individual situation not all items will be applicable.

  • W-2’s from Employers

  • 1099’s from contract labor

  • 1099-R retirement distribution forms

  • 1099-SSA if drawing Social Security

  • Mortgage interest statements

  • Student loan interest statements

  • Personal property tax statements

  • Real estate tax statements – or copies of checks written for tax

  • Amount of health insurance premiums, if self employed

  • Statements and amount of charitable donations

  • Statements from brokerage and investment firms

  • Interest statements from banks

  • Business income and expenses

    • Please include a profit and loss statement

    • Balance sheet as of year end with comparision to prior year
    • If we do not prepare your payroll, please provide copy of W3
    • If you pay independent contractors and we do not prepare the 1099s please provide a copy of the 1096
    • If no profit and loss statement exists, and a checkbook is used, please provide check register and all business bank statements for the year. Additional fees will be incurred if our office compiles a profit and loss statement

    • Type of business – sole proprietor, C-Corp, S-Corp or partnership

    • Business Employer ID number

  • If this is the first year we have prepared your return we will need the following:

    • Birth dates for all

    • Social security numbers for all

    • Current address

    • If dependents, their birth date and social security number

    • Prior year tax return