Tax Season Documents

Client Tax Forms Individuals & Businesses:

Use Instructions:

  1. Print or complete online the  document – 2020 Tax Organizer Intake Forms- this form is fillable
  2. Review and sign the 2020 Individual Income Tax Preparation Engagement Letter
  3. Load documents to your portal or fax them to 314-594-5980 **DO NOT Email Completed copies back to us**
  4. Use this form to make it easy to know what tax documents you may need to provide us.

Individual Forms:

2020 Individual Income Tax Preparation Engagement Letter

2020 Tax Organizer Intake Forms – Fillable


Personal Extension Request

IRS Required Due Diligence


Business Forms:

Partnership Income Tax Preparation Engagement Letter

Rental Real Estate Organizer

LLC -Sole Proprietor Organizer

Farm Organizer



Extension Request – Businesses

Tools For Businesses:

Daily paper tax-diary

Excel tax-diary-summaries

*************************OLD 2017 Forms***********************************************************

Intake forms and Engagement letter

Tax Intake Forms Instructions

Tax Intake Forms Instructions Video

2017 Tax Letter to Clients

Engagement Letter – Tax 2017

 Other Helpful Documents 

 – Individual

2017 Summary generic organizer with intake forms

Individual Income Tax Preparation Engagement Letter

Checklist of Items to Bring to Tax Appointment

Personal Extension Request


Client Request to Send Tax Returns and Other Info to Third Party